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About Me

My name is Dr. Cassie Freund. I am...

...a conservation scientist, tropical forest ecologist, and science communicator with more than a dozen years of experience working in some of the world's most biodiverse and threatened ecosystems. From Borneo's swamp jungles to the high peaks of the Andes, I have studied how tropical forests function and collaborated with local communities to protect them. Currently, I am the Director of Science Communication at the Frost Museum of Science, where much of my work centers on marine science and coral reefs. accomplished researcher and science communicator. I have published scientific studies on tropical forest disturbances, wildlife trafficking in Indonesia, environmental education, and how social media influences the public's perception of conservation, my current research focus. My popular science writing has appeared in a number of outlets. Check out my Writing Portfolio page to learn more!

...actively involved in the conservation community. I have a master's degree in conservation biology from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from Wake Forest University. I'm a former National Geographic Expeditions Expert and the current president of the Society for Conservation Biology's Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group. I am also an adjunct professor for the Wake Forest University Graduate Programs in Sustainability and a fellow at the Andrew Sabin Family Center for the Environment and Sustainability.

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