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A selection of my publications is listed below. My full CV is accessible from the Research tab. PDF versions of these are available on request.


Freund et al. (2021) Building better conservation media for primates and people: A case study of orangutan rescue and rehabilitation YouTube videos. People and Nature.

Freund et al. (2021)  Landslide age, elevation, and residual vegetation determine tropical montane forest canopy recovery and biomass accumulation after landslide disturbances in the Peruvian Andes. Journal of Ecology.

Freund et al. (2020)  Conserving orangutans one classroom at a time: Evaluating the effectiveness of a wildlife education program for school‐aged children in Indonesia. Animal Conservation.

Freund et al. (2018)  Microtopographic specialization and flexibility in tropical peat swamp forest tree species. Biotropica.

Freund et al. (2017)   Ten years of orangutan‐related wildlife crime investigation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. American Journal of Primatology.

Prager et al. (2016)   An assessment of adherence to basic ecological principles by payments for ecosystem service projects. Conservation Biology.

Naeem et al. (2015)   Get the science right when paying for nature's services. Science.

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